“If I were a fella, I’d wear…” – Rocking Colour-Blocking

I wrote a tweet, a fair few months ago, in an inspired moment, about one of my favourite Fashion Designer’s, Ozwald Boateng. I said:

If I were a fella, I’d wear Ozwald Boateng

This opening phrase of “If I were a fella, I’d wear…” kinda stuck, and I ended up tweeting another couple of tweets about some different fashion items or trends I’d be interested in if I were of the male orientation. That’s not to say you can’t be interested in Men’s Fashion if you are female, but what when I say use this phrase, what I’m really saying is “If I were a guy, I would go out wearing this”. I thought this concept was a really interesting one I haven’t explored half so much, and what better place to do it than here in my new Blog!

So, this time around, I decided “If I were a fella I would… Rock Colour-Blocking”…

I love colour; I enjoy wearing colour particularly- it fills me with life and vivacity and it’s really part of who I am. I enjoy having colourful things around my home; though funnily enough my living space is painted entirely white, with white furniture – perhaps to allow the colourful items to stand out more and sing? I thought, what with colour being so important in my life, the Colour Blocking trend would make a great starting blog post in this new series.

So, what is it about Colour blocking I love so much? I love that its a way to experiment, and learn more about different kinds of colours and how they go together, or even how they don’t, and wear it with enjoyment and confidence. Often in fact, the most effective colour-blocked outfits I’ve seen have been with normally clashing colours. If I think about it; the more contrasting the colours, the greater the effect of the look. That doesn’t mean you have to dress to make a person’s eyes hurt (unless you want to, of course!), but whereas in previous days one might wear different shades of a single colour, or create an outfit where all the colours matched, this new style trend is all about letting each colour sing by placing it next to something of a complimentary opposite nature. Here are some great examples I saw when browsing around:



Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 18.05.24


I know it seems quite a “youthful” look – all those bold and wacky colours – but I really think it can work across age groups, if done properly; by which I mean to suit the complexion and personality of the person involved. While researching around, I saw a great little guide about how to make colour blocking work for you, on a Men’s Style Blogging site on Blogger. 

There are three techniques to styling a color-blocked outfit – select one:
A: Monochromatic = one color throughout entire outfit in different hues.
B: Separates = mix garments of contrasting (2-4) colors.
C: Stand-Alone = one color-blocked garment or accessory where the designer has already done all the work for you.

Color blocking is about balance and the confidence to do so.

I think following this guide, any man could find their balance in wearing this trend. I know – particularly for men- wearing too much colour can be frightening or even off-putting, which I think is kind of why I chose to talk about it. I think, really, wearing colour can be just as “masculine” as grey, black, white or navy. It gives an outfit personality and also can make the person wearing such vivid colours feel a bit more alive too. And it doesn’t have to be all or nothing either. A really effective way of using Colour-Blocking is to, instead of “blocking colours against each other”, use a single brightly-coloured accessory literally as a “block of colour” in an outfit. This could be, for example, a belt, a tie, or a coloured jumper over a neutral outfit. This approach to colour blocking can also look incredibly stylish:

a4b967c9242b2095be6499a275a50f5c c91dbc443a2f96abe7ebf48828d47424


Of course, like anything, it’s down to personal taste; for some colour-blocking is too much. But for me, its a fun way to experiment with new colours or add a bit of life to your dressing habits.


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